| Del Monte’s New Adult fruit cup
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Del Monte’s New Adult fruit cup

Del Monte’s New Adult fruit cup

The larger, more symmetrical twin-cup design provides healthy fruit snacks for busy adults.


In July, Del Monte launched “first adult fruit cup.” black and bright colors packaging design for the new fruit cold drink products ,including large cups and mature varieties to meet adult as a convenient , Fresh, healthy and tasty snacks.

Black Packaging caters to the aesthetic of a more sophisticated adult consumer, and we promised we will offer a more unique and superior fruit dessert, undoubtly, Black Packaging has reached success. A bunch of fruit photography with vibrant splash effect against the background, a good highlight of the unique flavor of the product, but also enhance the shelf appeal. Bold font design to effectively bring more personality to the packaging, and the fruit cup upgrade to a refreshing new health snacks.


Fruit cup is not just bigger, the shape is also different from other brands of fruit cup, why take this shape design?
Komvopoulos: The new fruit cup capacity has become 7 ounces, much larger than the previous 4 ounces. Larger capacity cups can hold more fruit, more suitable for adult food intake. We have made the traditional shape of the fruit cup update, the shape of the curve is more suitable for consumption in the hand.
Why use 2 packages instead of the traditional 4 package?
Komvopoulos: We know that healthy snacks are varied and many flavors. We want adult consumers to try all our tastes as much as possible, and to mix and match their favorite, previous four packages can not provide that.

When will this product line be released? Is it across the country? These products are placed in where of the shop?
Komvopoulos: Pineapple passion fruit and orange coconut tastes in June began to distribute to various retail outlets, July will be all to the store. The product will be placed in the central area of the store, with other canned fruit together.
Planning to extend other fruit flavors?
Komvopoulos: This winter we will introduce grapefruit and oranges mixed with pomegranate flavor juice and red grapefruit mixed with guava flavored juice in two flavors to join the existing two varieties.

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