| 100% Recyclable PET Bottles for Bottled Water
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100% Recyclable PET Bottles for Bottled Water

100% Recyclable PET Bottles for Bottled Water

Berlin’s Share, is the first beverage manufacturer in Germany to sell 100% recyclable PET bottles for bottled water. The KHS Group developed the Bottles & ShapesTM project for a short time.

In 2019, Share hopes to fill 100 million bottles of recycled PET bottles every month, saving more than 200 metric tons of plastic waste per year. In the past few weeks, this product has been sold in German supermarket chain REWE and pharmacy dm, and caused a sensation in the media.

“The original idea took a long time to come,” said Iris Braun, head of Share products and social projects. “Clarizing technology and getting certified is a long process. Your partner is critical.”

In addition, the other partners of the two retailers are bottled mineral brewer Alpenwasser and plastics manufacturer preform. KHS Corpoplast also played a significant role in the implementation of the project.
Marc Eysel, who is responsible for KHS Corpoplast’s Nordic sales, said that German Engineering supports Share in a number of ways, including the development of recycled bottle designs. He said: “We quickly implemented the development and worked out the appropriate design together.”

Iris Braun said: “KHS quickly developed this bottle for us, which is very helpful for us.”

After the market went on the market, other beverage manufacturers also began to interest. “Many bottlers want to increase the number of recycled PET bottles they use, and now they are already in contact with us,” says Marc Eysel. ”

Protecting the environment also plays an important role in KHS. We also support this through the provision of resource saving equipment engineering and through the development of sustainable PET bottles.

“Share hopes it will provide the right momentum for more sustainable development,” said Iris Braun. “The ultimate consumer who decides.”

In early 2018, the company launched the “Share” food brand in the German market. The company’s philosophy is that for every product purchased – mineral water, hand soap or organic nut sticks – the company will offer similar products to those in need based on the 1+1 principle.

For example, in crisis areas such as Senegal, a bottle of water can provide enough drinking water a day by building or repairing a well.

According to Share, 3 million bottles of water have been sold since listing, and 30 wells have been funded in Liberia, Cambodia and Ethiopia.

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