| 60% Domestic Robot Sales Rose Year on Year
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60% Domestic Robot Sales Rose Year on Year

With economic structure adjustment and transformation,as well as the introduction of the strategy of “Made in China 2025”, the robot industry in China is in a very rapid development. Recently, the Chinese Robotics Industry Alliance, Shenyang Song Automation Co., Ltd. President QU DAO KUI in the “2016 China Robotics Industry Promotion Conference,” revealed that the first half of 2016, the domestic sales of nearly 20,000 robots, according to comparable calibers An increase of 37.7% over the previous year, an increase of 10.2 percentage points over the previous year.

Qu Dao Kui said that from the enterprise level, there are more than 60% of the domestic industrial robot manufacturing enterprise sales growth, especially the development of some leading enterprises gratifying situation. Enterprises to actively respond to the user industry transformation and upgrading of the opportunity to actively adjust the product structure, improve product quality, sales doubled to achieve.

1-holdFrom the application point of view, the first half of 2016, the application of domestic industrial robot distribution and 2015 are basically the same. 60.1% of domestic industrial robots used in handling and loading and unloading areas, the proportion increased by 7.3 percentage points over the previous year, sales grew 94.3%. Which for the metal casting handling and loading and unloading robot has become a new bright spot, more and more casting companies use the robot in the loading and unloading work, the market demand to expand in the first half sales nearly 8 times; Robot growth also reached 185% and 117%, respectively. Welding and brazing is the second largest area of domestic robot applications, sales up 20.9%, accounting for 13.8% of total sales. In addition, the market for machining robots and press-fit assembly robots for cutting, grinding and deburring performed well, with sales up 103% and 130% respectively.

“Last year, 75 percent of global supply came from China, Korea, Japan, the US and Germany,” said Jong-Oh Park, executive director of the International Robot Association. “The first industrial robot sales in 2016 to 2029, The volume will reach 1.4 million units, showing double-digit growth rate. ”

Faced with this situation, China is vigorously promoting the development of the robot industry in depth. National Development and Reform Commission, said Cai Ronghua, deputy director of industry coordination, “In recent years, the Development and Reform Commission from the key technology industrialization and market environment planning to start, two-pronged approach to address the bottleneck of the development of the robot industry is facing the next step NDRC will closely track the robot industry Development of new trends, from the perspective of coordinated development of industries take the lead in collaborative research model to speed up the development of bottlenecks to solve the problem of restricting the industry.

At the same time, “thirteen five” national key research and development plan – “intelligent robot” special plan is also highly anticipated. “The special funds of 6 billion yuan, the central government plans to invest 2 billion yuan, the other including local governments and corporate matching funds. ‘Thirteen Five’ in the focus of the robot into a special investment in the ‘second five’ investment in the Ministry of Science and Technology 4 Times, ‘thirteen five-year’ equivalent to ‘second five’ total investment. “Harbin Institute of Technology, said Zhao Jie, director of the Institute of Robot.

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