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AIPIA 2016


At the end of this year’s AIPIA summit, more than 300 attendees feel the dawn of the new packaging era has come.


Each speaker presented the latest technology to the audience. 2016 seems to be a breakthrough year for active and smart packaging,Sensex, NXP, Thinfilm, Digimarc and Zappar demonstrated more about security and supply chain solutions and market opportunities.


The two-day AIPIA Summit was held in Amsterdam,Netherlands. One of the most eye-catching events was the “Lobbying” of nine companies, all of which are Heineken’s partners, each company spent three minutes concisely presenting the essence,Heineken’s team will continue to engage in in-depth discussions with the companies over the next few weeks.


More than 30 speakers from various countries are engaged in a wide range of topics, from components of food safety preservatives to pharmaceutical compliance and traceability techniques.Dick de Koning, the new chairman of AIPIA said the summit is a comprehensive conference covering all the categories of activity and smart packaging, as well as the latest developments in various fields..

“This activity and the development of smart packaging is very fast,” “AIPIA active and intelligent packaging is the only information-rich and efficient communication node”. Koning added


“The summit has a lot of real energy to bring things in the next five years will vigorously develop things” AIPIA Executive Director Ferrante said, “If everything goes well, the brand will be more than a year , We are pleased to see this year’s booth is almost twice number than last year. ”
“However the real challenge is how to get better after a successful meeting,” added by Ferrante, ” there are already several interesting topics, including the ongoing needs of the brand owners which were summitted in 2015,and we have plans in the 2017 Summit content. ”

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The 2016 Global Active Smart Packaging Conference – from the design has been a complete success.

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