| Analysis of The Trend of Inkjet Ink Industry
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Analysis of The Trend of Inkjet Ink Industry

Ink jet printing ink is a “liquid ink” which is printed on a predetermined surface of an electric field force between the head and the substrate of the ink jet printer. The future of inkjet ink industry will show the following trends.

  1. High-end professional inkjet ink, will be more used as a pigment coloring
    As the scale structure of pigment particles, whether indoor light on the pigment molecular structure of the light decomposition, or outdoor sunlight, ozone in the air oxidation decomposition degree than the dye has an advantage, making the pigment compared to light in the light Resistance to gas, water resistance, high humidity and other aspects of the image blooming dye than strong, but also determines the characteristics of pigment ink is more suitable for some high-end professional users.
  2. In order to achieve a wider color gamut, more color ink was developed, HI-FI technology to be more fully used
    In theory, the use of the initial four-color “C, M, Y, K” is the deployment of a variety of colors. But the existing coloring agent has not yet reached the desired level, resulting in the actual deployment of the color and the expected color will always be a slight gap. The easiest way to solve this problem is to add “color” ink types. In addition, because the color ink color is subtractive color, inkjet printer in the media, the more ink, will make the color performance of the more bleak. Therefore, increasing the color of ink, using a single color to represent the previous superimposed color is the best color method.
  3. Ink in water resistance, scratch resistance, anti-fade, etc. will have a better performanceFor high-end users, especially in the field of photo and art copy printing, the preservation of the image file for the durability of the increasingly demanding, which requires ink in the print media has a stronger water resistance, light fastness, ozone resistance , Scratch-resistant and so on. In order to enhance these functions of the printed matter, the current ink-jet ink metropolis will choose light fastness, high fastness grade of the coloring agent, and a single toner particles for effective packaging; add some ink additives, improve Ink stability; improved print media structure and surface properties, improve the stability of the combination of ink and media.
  4. The adaptability of different materials is increasing, solid-type ink will be developed by leaps and bounds
    Inkjet printing can indeed achieve high print quality, but this needs to be compatible with the appropriate print media, such as the use of a large amount of ordinary copy paper, inkjet print quality than laser printing. Therefore, this weakness greatly limits the scope of application of inkjet printing. 2016-2021 China’s digital inkjet ink industry market trends and industry trends report shows that, at present, UV-curable inks, EB-curing inks and UV-LED inks such solid-type ink with instantaneous drying capacity, making its different printing The adaptability of the medium is enhanced. Therefore, solid-type ink is to enhance the adaptability of ink to different materials solutions.
  5. Ink-oriented user groups will be more refined
    With inkjet printing being more widely used, more users of different needs will be added to the inkjet user base. Such as office printing and studio photo output, their quality requirements are very different. In order to better serve customers and create more profit growth point for the different needs of the user base to develop affordable ink and printing equipment has become increasingly important. This idea is also in line with the “on-demand” and “personalized” service concept.6. Ink pro-environment is also the important aspects
    With the improvement of people’s living standards, industrial production to bring the pressure of human living environment is also growing. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, such as “energy saving and emission reduction”, “global warming”, “carbon emission” and other words have been frequently appear in our daily life. For inkjet ink is the same, its environmental protection has become an important indicator of whether the market one. The future, the ink will be harmless to the human body, the direction of environment-friendly development.
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