| New Competitive Packaging System for Beer Beverage Manufacturers
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New Competitive Packaging System for Beer Beverage Manufacturers


New Competitive Packaging System for Beer Beverage Manufacturers

Gerhard Schubert GmbH germany’s leading packaging machine manufacturer and KHS a beverage filling machine manufacturer reached a well coopperation. They developed a modular high degree of flexibility, compact beer Packaging solutions. This way allows beer and beverage manufacturers to pack several different models and specifications product with same one machine. That sets new benchmarks for the beer and beverage industry with a new level of individuality and flexibility, will help beer manufacture to get more market share.

For traditional production lines, beer or beverage bottles are packed in boxes or multi-wrapped paper cases or cartons often require different equipment, and many conveyor belts are required for interconnection. Schubert and KHS jointly developed a new machine, a more compact, more economical venue packaging system, so no additional redundant conveyor belt and redundant site. In this way, Schubert’s unmanned transport car can also be used in this system,which is a patented handling robot that can transport an upright carton to the KHS module and then feed the already filled carton to the closing and pasting module.

Except modular design, Schubert also has long experience in the beverage sector, including beer, yogurt drinks, champagne, cider and fruit juice packaging. Many of the world’s leading beverage manufacturers have proven to be successful with Schubert’s top-loading technology in their final packaging operations.Now,the combining system can achieve up to 72,000 bottles per hour,also process up to 30,000 bottles per hour off-line.

The Swiss brewery Schützengarten will use this packaging equipment in the future, Schubert vertical carton module and the closed carton module in combination with the KHS packing module

Gerald Schubert, general manager of Gerhard Schubert GmbH, said: “Our customers can choose different modules for their modules,to accurately meet both in the Packaging design or performance aspects of the demand. “Flexibility is also a highlight of this device. It can put bottle products into box, also can put them into the basket, and more practice newspaper sets, and other secondary packaging cardboard. Matthias Niemeyer(KHS Managing Director) said “The benefits of this device are already apparent when the production reaches 100,000 liters,customers can easily upgrade the packaging line if necessary.

Schubert presented the new equipment at the KHS booth at BrauBeviale, Nuremberg, Germany (Hall 5, Stand 147),on 8th-10th,Nov. At the show, visitors can learn the modular in details. The Swiss brewery Schützengarten will pack 11 different sizes of bottles – seven recyclable plastic bottles and four disposable cans – on this compact and space-saving machine. Recyclable bottles can also be packaged in six different specifications of the plastic beer box. The disposable cans of the Schützengarten brewery are packed in six cartons of different sizes. High packaging quality and efficiency,enabling help customers to strengthen their competitive edge in a competitive market.

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