| A Big Counterfeit Cosmetics Production Dens in Paris
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A Big Counterfeit Cosmetics Production Dens in Paris

Investigators, the counterfeit cosmetics dens laboratory in the Seine-et-Marne region,, they have been tracking the criminal gang for several weeks. The laboratory suspected of illegal production of facial and body care products, mainly to drug stores, prices are lower than the market price. The laboratory also produces its own brand of cosmetics, and export overseas.


“This is an unprecedented imitation of cosmetic counterfeits, not only because of the two counts of criminal activity, but also for flagrant counterfeiting in the country of origin of these make – up brands,” the French customs department said in a statement.

In the seizure of the laboratory, customs officials in addition to a large number of counterfeit products, but also indirectly found a storage and transportation companies involved in the involved activities. In the company’s warehouse, the Customs also seized 45,000 counterfeit products, as well as the same amount of cosmetic packaging, including: bottle, empty packaging, evidence of crime.

The next few days, investigators through the investigation in the French Calvados area and found a warehouse, seized 17,000 counterfeit cosmetics and 50,000 empty packaging. The warehouse is responsible for the manufacture and storage of the management staff involved in the suspects, by the French Customs and justice departments.

The French luxury goods industry is also continuing to combat counterfeit products. The end of last year, the French police in the Paris suburbs found a counterfeit dens, the production of luxury goods giant LVMH’s three watch brands counterfeit goods, seized stolen goods worth a total of 1.5 million euros. In 2015, the French customs seized a total of up to 7.7 billion counterfeit goods.

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