| Big Packaging Opportunity from Vietnam
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Big Packaging Opportunity from Vietnam

Since the US International Trade Commission and the Ministry of Commerce in 2004 to make anti-dumping rulings, many Chinese retail bag manufacturers moved to Vietnam. According to the US Department of Commerce’s statistics, Vietnam has now become the second largest exporter of US plastic retail bags, its exports from 2006 slightly higher than 19 million US dollars in 2008 to nearly 86 million US dollars. At present, the United States of Vietnam plastic bags levy less than 5% of the import tax.



At present, although the Vietnam plastics machinery market is not advanced, but in recent years the pace of development of the plastics industry in Vietnam is obvious to all. Since 1995, the national plastic production increased by 20 to 25%, of which 2000 to 2005 annual output growth of 27.2%, to 2005 plastic production of 2.1 million tons, per capita consumption of 25.3 kg, 2005 plastic exports 3.8 Billion, an increase of 37% over 2004, the rapid development of Vietnam’s plastics industry, but also for China’s exports of plastic machinery to provide an opportunity for Vietnam. According to the Vietnam Plastics Corporation, said the future of Vietnam plastics industry investment of about 20 billion US dollars. From 2006 to 2010, Vietnam is ready to spend 875 million US dollars (67.7 yuan) to develop its plastic packaging industry. It can be seen, Vietnam’s plastic packaging machinery market there is a huge business opportunities.

Product packaging has been the problem of Vietnam enterprises and their attention. The plastic packaging equipment of these enterprises mainly from China, Japan, Korea, Germany and China’s Taiwan region, has been able to produce plastic, rubber, aluminum foil, loose paper and other packaging materials, product quality is better, diverse styles. At present, we have the production of KRAFT web, three to five layers of cardboard drums, all kinds of nylon packaging materials: PE, PP, HDPE, agricultural PE film, plastic hoop barrels, all kinds of composite packaging materials which suitable for flow packaging machine and vertical packaging machine, a variety of Canned fruit cans, canned fruit cans, canned food products, canned food boxes, coffee cans and other food canned boxes and so on. These packaging companies have been able to serve a variety of domestic packaging business services, such as food, beauty cosmetics, agricultural chemical raw materials, seafood, textiles, pharmaceuticals, beverages, detergent, bath and so on. Not only Vietnamese domestic enterprises, many foreign companies in Vietnam are also using Vietnam’s domestic production of packaging materials.

Vietnam’s rapid economic development, the need for high-speed packaging products and the rapid growth of export products, high-quality packaging needs are constantly expanding rapidly, which gives packaging equipment and packaging materials business a good opportunity. Although Vietnam packaging business production equipment and raw materials are basically imported from the West and Japan. However, the Chinese products are close (leading to low freight, fast delivery), cheap, technical application (especially for non-key printing enterprises in Vietnam), training, repair easy features. Therefore, the Vietnam packaging market for Chinese packaging machinery enterprises is a good opportunity. In order to expand domestic and international market share, Vietnam’s plastics companies have increased investment, increase the scale of operation. As the Vietnamese industrial development is relatively backward, especially the backwardness of the machinery manufacturing industry, making the Vietnam plastics machinery and equipment need a lot of imports, which is China’s exports of plastic machinery products to provide an opportunity

And China’s plastic packaging machinery business after years of development, has a certain strength, relative to the international large enterprise products, China’s plastic packaging machinery product advantages, mainly in terms of cost, lower price, more suitable for The establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, reducing the tariffs on China’s exports of Vietnam products; in January 2007 Vietnam’s accession to the WTO, but also for China’s exports of plastic machinery products in Vietnam to provide a Business. And this one, plastic packaging equipment, machinery exports become a top priority. In this recession “winter” under the shrouded, there is such a good plastic packaging machinery market for China’s plastics machinery business is undoubtedly lucky. Facing the development of their own plastic packaging industry in Vietnam, China’s plastic packaging machinery enterprises should seize the opportunity, firmly grasp the rising plastic packaging market!


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