| B&P Reached New Record
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B&P Reached New Record

0.7 seconds! This is the international visual products plug-ins of the latest plug-ins record, it broke the foreign enterprises, especially Japanese enterprises in the long-term global monopoly of such equipment. To create this new record is from Shenzhen’s B&P Automation Dynamics Ltd.


On 20th,Nov,The eighteenth CHTF(CHINA HI-TECH HAIR), B&P Automation Dynamics Ltd.’s new product refreshed the industry speed of high-precision components plug-in machine, the world’s leading intelligent visual recognition robot, Can quickly learn the curve of desktop 3D optical measuring instrument.

“Our development goal is not only to be a single high-level manufacturing equipment manufacturers, but also to be NO.1 in international intelligent factory overall solution provider ” said by B&P Automation Dynamics Ltd. CEO Tu Guoquan. After years of development, B&P Automation Dynamics Ltd  have also developed as a professional enterprise to provide customers with a one-stop solution for the global leader in hardware and software.

In fact, B & P’s R&D team has been carried out more than a decade of technology hard work in the intelligent warehouse, manufacturing execution system (MES), non-standard automation, robot vision, test systems, automatic guidance device (AGV) and other fields.

At present, B&P Automation Dynamics Ltd.has owned 13 producing and reach plant in the United States, Britain, Germany, Southeast Asia (including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc.), and Beijing, Xi’an, Kunshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen and other places,formed a smart manufacturing, intelligent factory for the development of the direction of the seven business groups. R & D team has rapidly expanded to hundreds of people, forming a complete intelligent factory production chain and global R & D layout.With hundreds of patents in hardware and software technology, combined with robot and visual technology, 3D detection technology,became a global leader in mobile phone wear equipment and other industry.

In those products, a special-shaped components plug-in machine was much attractive.In a long time, big gap exacted between China and Germany,Japan, compared to the quality, efficiency.China was trying to break the situation, B&P company in charged of it, after several years developing and postdoctoral research, tens of thousands of experiments, has overcome a technical bottleneck, successfully developed a single component plug-in speed of up to 0.7 seconds High-speed profiled plug-in machine, refresh the global industry speed, and both stability and practicality, breaking the international business of such equipment industry monopoly, showed a ” New Strong Power.

In current profiled plug-in machine industry, the general domestic machine speed is 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds / component (which can replace the production efficiency of four individuals), representing the international advanced level of the Japanese machine speed 1.1 seconds / component (can be replaced 6 individual productivity). That means improved production efficiency of 8-10 people, insertion accuracy is also controlled at ±0.03 mm .

Another intelligent visual inspection robots in the high-tech fair is also bright spots, it can be imported according to the operator of the project drawing, automatically generate the detection path, each detection point detection rate of less than 0.5 seconds, the detection accuracy is 0.2 mm. Its components of the robot controller used B&P’s products.

Industrial transformation to promote the outbreak of intelligent factories

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform has quietly begun, industrial transformation into a new round of countries to deal with the focus of global competition. China’s manufacturing 2025, German industry 4.0, Korea’s manufacturing innovation 3.0, Japan’s industrial innovation 3.0 and other strategies ,all want to own a market share firstly. With the robot, large data, artificial intelligence and other technologies continue to develop and application of “smart factory” construction concern. Volkswagen, Tesla, Foxconn, Gree, the United States and other Chinese and foreign enterprises frequently build intelligent factory.

Tu Guoquan thinks, with the information technology and industrial technology, a high degree of integration, “Made in China,” the comparative advantage will gradually weaken. Developed countries through intelligent factory highly flexible mode of production, even if the higher labor costs, but the product is still in the individual, diversity, high quality, humanization superior. “Manufacturing in China must transform and upgrade in order to maintain the status of manufacturing power.In this process, improve manufacturing productivity, product quality, product energy efficiency, automation, and reduce the overall level of production energy consumption is the main assessment indicators, and the implementation of intelligence plant transformation is an effective way to achieve these development goals. He also pointed out that decentralization, flexibility and intelligence will be the core of intelligent factory building, close to the foundation of industrial development enterprises will have more space, intelligent factory system solution provider will become the direct beneficiaries of intelligent factory model.

Most peoson thins the smart factory is far away, in fact, for different sizes of enterprises, can have different stages of the transformation plan. some small and medium enterprises in the scale of capital and production scale Smaller circumstances, can be used to transform the steps of local production processes, the gradual implementation of the production process of enterprise intelligence, information technology transformation, the cost may only be equivalent to the cost of a CNC machine tools. And then the enterprise’s manufacturing implementation of information systems transformation. With the development and expansion of enterprises, consider to implement the entire process of intelligent transformation.

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