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Big Breakfast Drinking Market

20 years ago,few breakfast drinks, and now consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of breakfast, they want a quick access to balanced nutrition breakfast, on behalf of the product is the combination of cereal and milk bottled drinks .


Zenith International consultancy in the “2016 Global Breakfast and Beverages Report” pointed out that with the pace of life faster and people’s health awareness of the continuous improvement,consumer need breakfast beverages be more and more convenient. Australia is the largest breakfast and beverage market with retail sales of A $ 2 billion ($ 1.53 billion). But with innovation, American manufacturers are worth it.

Zenith pointed out that the breakfast drink is a substitute for traditional breakfast, convenient liquid nutritional supplements, on behalf of the product is the combination of cereal and milk bottled drinks.
This category is mainly the following key factors: quality and stability, liquid, dairy products, high protein, high fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, easy to carry. Except US market, most other other breakfast markets also contain cereals.

“Breakfast drinks are a healthy, fast and convenient breakfast option for consumers who are too busy to eat breakfast but want to be healthy,” says Zenith consultant Juliette de Nettancourt. “The trend for these products is to add more Nutritious ingredients such as sage, quinoa, etc., but also keep up with the trend of health, such as a lot of low-sugar, gluten-free, non-artificial color new products.


In 1998, Sanitarium in Australia launched the Up & Go products, opened the door to breakfast drinks. Then the brand has entered the New Zealand and the UK market.

Australia is the largest breakfast drinks market, while continuing to develop and mature. But the UK market is growing rapidly, with sales totaling £ 15m ($ 19m).

“In Australia, where Up & Go dominates market share and dominates innovation, there is greater potential for innovation in the UK, and competition is the driving force behind innovation,” says De Nettancourt. “Some brands, for example, redefine product formulations to achieve low sugar , Or to develop new products that increase satiety. ”


More than breakfast
Foodaily notes that this is the advantage of segmenting the market by accurately positioning the consumer environment to avoid competition for other beverages or snacks, but despite the exact location of breakfast, many consumers will choose to drink breakfast drinks at other times to gain energy.

The United States has been the emergence of this phenomenon, people drinks more like energy supplements or milkshakes.
In the United States, energy supplement drinks and milkshakes are in line with a healthy and convenient way of life. In UK and Australia, milkshakes are often used as breakfast drinks. But in the United States, consumers can drink milk shake at any time. From another point of view, the US breakfast drinks market has great potential. And the British market similar to the US breakfast,drinks innovation is also much higher than the energy supplement products.

The biggest challenge for breakfast drinks is to ensure a tempting taste under healthy, nutritious, low-sugar conditions.
“Consumers like fresh, aseptic packed breakfast drinks, and consumers may enjoy their breakfast drinks with a glass, so beverages appearance is also important.”

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