|  CNC Machine Tools Daily Maintenance
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 CNC Machine Tools Daily Maintenance

 CNC Machine Tools Daily Maintenance


CNC (Computer numerical control)

CNC machine tools for routine maintenance,the operator who not only have mechanical, processing and hydraulic and other aspects of knowledge, but also with electronic computers, automatic control, drive and measurement technology knowledge, A comprehensive understanding of CNC lathes, ito do maintenance work well.

Mainly 6 aspects:

(1) Appropriate environment. The use of CNC lathe environment (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine, so the installation of machine tools should be strictly in accordance with the machine instructions to install the conditions and requirements. In the economic conditions permitting, CNC lathes and general machinery processing equipment should be installed in isolation to facilitate maintenance and repair.

(2) CNC lathes should be equipped with numerical control system programming, operation and maintenance of specialized personnel. These personnel should be familiar with the mechanical, numerical control system, strong electric equipment, hydraulic pressure, air pressure and other characteristics of the machine tool, environment and processing conditions, use the CNC lathe correctly according to the requirements of machine tool and system instruction manual.

(3) Cleaning in time. Such as air filters, electrical cabinet cleaning, printed circuit board cleaning.

(4) machine cable inspection, the main check the cable moving joints, turning the corner is a bad contact, broken and short circuit fault.

(5) some of the numerical control system parameter memory using CMOS components, stored in the power supply when the battery-powered to maintain. In the event of low voltage alarm, be sure to replace the battery, and must be in the control system power state, otherwise the storage parameters will be lost, resulting in numerical control system can not work.

(6) long-term maintenance . In the NC lathe idle when not in use, should always be given to the CNC system power, lock the machine in the case of its air run. In the air humidity of the rainy season should be large power every day, the use of electrical components themselves heat away the moisture inside the NC cabinet to ensure the stability of electronic components and reliable performance.

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