| Coca-Cola intends to small pack
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Coca-Cola intends to small pack

Coca-Cola falling in love with small pack



Sandy Douglas Coca-Cola’s North America chief, was interviewed by analysts at the Morgan Stanley consumer conference on November 15, repeating the beverage giant’s confidence in the “small pack” strategy.

Since Coca-Cola began last year, the implementation of small cans, small bottles of cola, the company’s profitability in the North American market gradually picked up to the third quarter of this year, the company’s performance is no longer declining, there signs of recovery. The third quarter results, Coca-Cola beverage sales increased by 1%.

“Doing better on the small cans,We still have a lot of development opportunities,” Douglas said.

The birth of small bottles is to meet (mainly the US market) people eager to health, the trend of sugar boredom, especially Americans increasingly avoid excessive intake of sugar, a small can of Coke packaging can reduce costs, but also to meet the new needs.

Today, Coca-Cola is not only in the Coke, but also in the Sprite and Fanta on small cans of packaging, “We focus on and capture the full potential of these brands (Fanta, Sprite), and by implementing the same pricing and packaging strategy, and add new We have recently launched a compelling marketing campaign: LeBron James Wanna Sprite is a good example.

Douglas said that although he could not predict the growth of small packaging will eventually stop the percentage of the entire product structure of Coca-Cola, but will be a long way.

In addition, he also revealed that the company will launch two flavors of cold coffee and bottled latte tea next year, while Coca-Cola also recently signed an agreement with Dunn Dole, will be sold in the grocery store close to sweet Circle brand of bottled iced coffee. He also thinks Drinking coffee will be another growth opportunity for the company.

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