| put coffee sticks into pouch machine
This machine can automaticly put coffee sticks into pouch without error,weighting and counting at the same time,high accuracy,more efficientcy!
coffee sticks,pouch machine
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Coffee Full Automatic Production Line

Coffee Full Automatic Production Line

2020 is a special year and it is the busiest year for our industry. Because COVID-19 was broken out in Jan.2020.Everyone has to keep a distance while They are in working and this situation can not allowed to gather for many people. the machine has become the best choice. the machine production is instead of labor. many manufactures started to use the full automatic production line to replace labor work. Although many industries are difficult, the machine industry is very busy. At present, we have made two hottest and best-selling machines, 5lanes round corner stick sachet paste packaging machine and M bag(or stand-up bag) automatic stick counting packaging machine. 5lanes packaging machine had been updated last month. Now let’s introduce the M-bag or stand-up bag full-automatic back-seal stick counting packing machine. This machine can count 12-15 long coffee bags into M bags or stand-up bags and seal them automatically. the machine is with rejector, If the count is inaccurate, the count-compulsion device will reject them  automatically and the bag will not be opened and sealed. The machine’s speed is 30 bags a minute. The lay-out design picture of the machine is as follows:


Video link refer to:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A25nCAZEzpo

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