| Complete Guide to Automatic Shaped Pouch Filling and Sealing Machines
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Complete Guide to Automatic Shaped Pouch Filling and Sealing Machines

Complete Guide to Automatic Shaped Pouch Filling and Sealing Machines

Automatic irregular shaped pouch filling and sealing machines are becoming increasingly popular today in cosmetics and food industry, ease-of-use, and the superior aesthetics of their finished product.

Whether you are new to packaging automation or are considering adding irregular stick or pouch packaging to your product lineup, you are probably interested in how these machines operate.

Today we are taking a step-by-step look at the processes involved in turning an roll film into a shelf-ready finished product.

Jiade full automatic irregular shaped pouch packing machines which pack by foil(laminated film) roll. It can load liquid, weight, make sachet, fill, make shape, seal, print the date and batch number , count and output automatically. the machine adopt high accuracy cylinder for pulling system, PLC system , touching operation panel ,Tracking Mark and PID number temperature controller. So that it is easy to operate and improve the capacity, reduce labor cost and let the package more beautiful.

1,Power Switch

Power Switch for Complete Machine,Turn on the machine by rotating it clockwise as 90 angle, then the machine has electricity, then enable to set the parameters in panel or let the machine run. Turn off the machine by twisting  this switch 90 degree angle.

2,Temperature Set(PID Adjustment)

  • Temperature Controller control the temperature of sealer, the temperature range to be set: 0-400℃.Temperature Sensor’s Graduation: K Type.The first part to be shown:PV Value(current temperature ect.)or setting items.The second part to be shown: SP Value(setting temperature value)or other setting items to be set
  • When the temperature controller open about 8-15minutes, the machine can reach the working temperature. Confirm the temperature reach working temperature(red numbers are the same as green numbers),to start the machine(run the machine).
  • When the temperature reach the one to be set, pack a few sachets and see the sachets’ sealing result, to confirm the temperature is ok or not. If the sealing temperature is low, the sealing is not tightly. If the temperature is higher, the sealing edge may be wrinkling, then you need to adjust the temperature as actual production.

3,Film Loading

Roll Film are loaded manually by an operator into the film shelf in the back of the automatic irregular shaped stick sachet filling/sealing machine. The film are conveyed to the machine by a film feeding roller. 

 CONTACT US to see this technology in action.

4,Parameters Set

  • Speed:Can adjust directly
  • Length:Can adjust directly
  • Steel Code:Choose on or off directly
  • Delay Punch: It decides when the machine starts punching work
  • Punch Time: this parameter means how long the punching mold work(finish one)
  • Delay Fill: It decides when the machine starts filling work
  • Time Fill: It means how long the filler works (finish one time)

5,Empty Bag Production by Manual or by Automatic

  • Seal: Press this switch, the vertical sealer close and seal, click it again, the sealer open
  • Punch:Click this key, the shape mold work one time.
  • Seal:Click this switch, the horizontal sealer close and seal, click it again, the sealer open.
  • Fill:Click it one time, the machine fill one time
  • Bag Pull:Click it, the machine pull the bag(film move sachet’s length distance)
  • Coder:Click it, the printer has a signal to work one time.

6,Feeding Production

  • Pull Bag Valve must be on before machine start to work
  •  If the machine can’t achieve the specified set temperature, please refer to the “Failures and Solutions” section.
  • Whether all security matters have been completed. (If the emergency stop switch is pressed, the machine can not start).
  • In order to prevent any electrical shock or mechanical failure, don’t put any water, liquid or metal materials into the distribution box.

Please pay attention to operation safety:

  1. This component will become very hot during operation. Special attention needed to avoid injury during operations
  2. Cutting device is very dangerous, because there are built-in cutters inside, so testing, commissioning or cleaning of cutting device need to be especially careful.
  3. Be careful. There is danger of electric shock.
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