| DOW RETAIN ™ was honored repeatedly in Green Recycled Plastic Packaging Solutions
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DOW RETAIN ™ was honored repeatedly in Green Recycled Plastic Packaging Solutions

DOW RETAIN ™ ‘s Green Recycled Plastic Packaging Solutions

RETAIN ™ Polymer Modifier, an innovative packaging and Specialty Plastics business of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) ‘s, was awarded the “2016 Sustainable Packaging Award” by the Hong Kong – based M Success Media Group . This resin compatibilizer enables thin-film producers to recycle barrier film waste while maintaining excellent physical and optical properties.

dow     RETAIN ™ not only helps customers recover recyclable packaging waste that was previously only landfilled or incinerated, increases post-consumer recycling, but also recycles polyethylene (PE) high-barrier packaging more effectively, helping the plastics packaging industry to achieve recycling economic. The award also reaffirms Dow’s commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that are more environmentally friendly.
Compared with other barrier technologies, RETAINTM helps to increase the transparency of the packaging, maintain the mechanical properties of the packaging material, and significantly reduce the amount of gel present in the membrane recycle stream. The polymer modifier solves the current problem of the multi-layer flexible barrier packaging that is difficult to recycle due to material differences and helps the package to be recycled in the polyethylene recovery stream.
Providing sustainable packaging solutions to meet the challenges of today’s world and inspire future applications is the driving force behind Dow’s innovation. Mark Saurin , VP of Asia Pacific Business in charge of Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics Business Unit said: “RETAIN ™ Polymer Modifier is recognized for its ability to provide customers with disruptive innovations that help customers achieve their sustainability goals and contribute to a greener future.”
Dr. Lin Xingwang who is Pepsi Greater China, deputy director of food packaging R & D,as the judgesof “2016 Sustainable Packaging Award” commented: ” flexible packaging film recycling rate currently is very low, Dow’s direction of the technical efforts to solve the recycling industry, encountered more significance, will be great valued if RETAIN ™ technology can achieve recycling in a limited number of film category.
As a well-known Chinese packaging industry award, “China Sustainable Packaging Award” and “Sustainable Packaging Technology Award” by the United States and Hong Kong M Success Media Group in 2011 to set up and implement. This year, the two award-winning, evolved into the “China Sustainable Packaging Award”, to encourage the Chinese packaging industry will be applied to the sustainable development of packaging technology and solutions for development and application.

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