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Dry Meat Snacks

Can fresh meat snacks win their own market share from profitable dry meat snacks (such as meat) Land O’Frost is gearing up to prepare for new markets. In July, the company introduced a high quality, baked meat that was packaged in a separate package designed for fast food.

Even if a piece of meat pie can show a considerable sales. In 2015, through IRI’s survey of Chicago-based markets, it was found that Americans bought $ 2.8 billion worth of beef jerky a year. And this market is still growing, thanks to people’s healthy attitude towards life. Through a sample from the NDP group in December 2013 for a sample of 2122 grocery stores nationwide – “protein acquisition and demand”, we learned that more than three quarters of consumers thought that proteins Help people’s healthy diet, and more than half of people consider adding more protein into their healthy recipes.
“At Land O’Frost, we will keep up with consumer trends and develop new products that meet consumer needs and preferences,” said KeithHill, head of Brand Management at Land O’Frost, at the product launch. We are more focused on having a convenient snack and can take protein from it.We have a new cooked snack production line that gives consumers a healthy and delicious meat snack to stimulate the buyer’s interest.
At present, a total of six kinds of cooked food snacks: black forest ham, hot smoked ham, Vermont maple ham, seasoned roast chicken breast, sweet spicy chicken breast, and Buffalo chicken breast. These foods are set in color coded bags so that consumers can easily find their favorite food when they buy the next time.
Each package consists of 12 to 14 monolithic packages, which are “ideal” snack packs. In every 80 calories, contains 10 grams of protein, less than 3 grams of fat, less than 400 milligrams of sodium to help consumers achieve the purpose of eating healthy.

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