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Evian’s Fruits & Plants Water


March 2016, Evian innovative Alpine natural mineral water, and fruit and pure plant combination, launched a new Fruits & Plants natural fruit water on March,2016.

Evian Fruits & Plants is made of more than 83% of Evian natural mineral water, combined with more than 10% concentrated fruit juice, as well as natural fragrances and plant extracts. Fruits & Plants has three flavors: lemon and elderberry flowers, grapes and roses, raspberries and verbena. Without any preservatives and any artificial ingredients.

The most impressive is its packaging successfully combines the soft and bright colors and juices to deliver the youthfulness and surprises of the springtime:water droplets are bottle-shaped, ergonomically designed, 100% recyclable material. The color advocates not only refers to the age of young, but also a state of mind and personality expression. Living out of the young connotation, including the body senses and the spiritual level of the pursuit of vitality, healthy posture to enjoy every day.

It received the enthusiastic feedback from consumers after launched,. A fan on the Facebook page message: “This drink packaging is too praise, and very easy to carry.” “This is a great taste, bought some in the UK, I hope to be able to buy in the United States!”

This product is currently available in France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, has not yet released in Chinese market.

In addition to Fruits & Plants series, this is not the first time Evian launched large acclaimed product packaging. In 1995, Evian began to launch limited edition commemorative bottle. Since 2008, Evian every year cooperates with high-end fashion designers to launch limited edition bottle, the fashion, creative elements into each design bottle body. Not only that, each limited edition commemorative bottle has a unique and beautiful name.

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Evian not only introduced different packaging, and hope that through the products to promote fashion, health, youth, nature, a new concept of life. Evian mineral water after 15 years the depths of the French Alps, the ancient glaciers of filtration, on behalf of the natural purity of good quality, but also conveys a concept, a fashionable young, natural and healthy way of life.

When you drink Evian, people who know it will think of alpine snow and mountain rain in the Alps after a long period of natural filtration and mineralization of the glacier sand layer, to enjoy a natural, pure, nutrition, nourish the life of every day.

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