| Flexible Mechanical Arm Assembly Optical Sensor Have Human Touch
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Flexible Mechanical Arm Assembly Optical Sensor Have Human Touch

At present, the latest design of a soft mechanical arm, through the optical sensor can be the same as the human arm, can detect the subtle shape and texture.


For decades, robots have been used in production lines to automate the process and quickly assemble many items, such as computer accessories and automotive parts, according to the British Daily Mail. Although mechanical arms are very useful, they still lack human arm-like tactile sensation, and now scientists have designed a soft manipulator that can sense the texture and shape of objects.

Researchers hope that soft robots will be more sensitive prostheses or help the surgeon to complete the surgery. Based on current technology, electrical or liquid joints that normally carry electrical signals are required in order for the robot to grasp the object.

At present, Cornell University engineers have adopted a different approach, using light-carrying signals combined with extensible sensors, by changing the light signals carried by their optical waveguide can detect the external environment, the light will be twisted or bent .

During the sensor test, the Cornell team combined the sensors with a soft robot arm that grabbed three tomatoes with their fingers. Based on the twist of the light signal, the tomatoes were pressed to calculate how hard they were , While the maturity of tomatoes was found. The latest study, in the recently published Science Robotics magazine.

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