| Food and Beverage Packaging and Packaging Market Trends?
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Food and Beverage Packaging and Packaging Market Trends?

The direction of food and beverage brand adjustment for the caps and closed packaging market provides a good opportunity, small bottles continue to talk to the field of multi-beverage, the major brands have introduced portable small package, followed by “portable” trend.

It is reported that Nestle has entered the protein beverage market, and Coca-Cola following the successful use of 250 ml cans, the introduction of 250 ml plastic bottles, with the usual red cap.

According to statistics, 2015-2020, beverage easy-open lid demand will usher in the fastest growing period, the annual increase of 8.3%, this strong growth thanks to the development of bottled water. Over the next five years, the top cover (such as savory snack packaging) grew 5.6%, chain-type pressurized packaging grew 5.3%, liquid carton packaging grew 3.9%, screw cap packaging annual growth of 3.7%.

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