| Food Packing Material’s Trend
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Food Packing Material’s Trend

Food Packaging Materials’ Trend


Food indusrty is a sun-rise industry in 21 century,so does food packing material which was developping with high speed,more and more types of packing materilas will be considered.In the aseptic packaging to take high-tech and molecular materials, preservation function will become the focus of food packaging technology development, non-toxic packaging materials more security, plastic food packaging will gradually replace the glass products;Paper, aluminum foil, plastic film and other packaging materials produced by the composite flexible packaging bags (vacuum packaging bags), will be the emergence of high-level and multi-functional trend.

With the rapid development of food processing industry, the required packaging is also increasing, food packaging and direct contact, the choice of materials properly or not, is directly related to human’s health. Five aspectsthe for mainstream trend :

一、Less Quantity

Environmental protection is a common concern in today’s society, a large number of packaging waste to the environment caused tremendous pressure, which produced food packaging waste accounted for a large proportion.Solid waste ,is more difficult to deal with. In order to reduce the harm of packaging waste to the environment, China put forward the concept of “green packaging”. Green packaging both to protect the environment and renewable resources. Packaging material reduction, that is, packaging to meet the protection, convenience, sales and other functions of the conditions, should minimize the amount. If the product can not be packaged, do not apply and packaging; for the necessary packaging should be simplified, improved technology, so that the required amount of packaging materials to a minimum. In the selection of packaging materials, try to use lightweight, thin materials, such as the use of lighter and thinner glass bottles of beverage.

二、Healthy packaging materials

Food safety is not only itself, but also the safety materials of food packaging,it is an integral part of the indispensable.Packaging materials in the migration of harmful substances will be a direct threat to food, resulting in food insecurity.It should not contain toxic elements, heavy metals. With the development and progress of science and technology, food packaging materials and containers have also undergone great changes. In recent years, a variety of new materials and materials processing and research and development of new technologies, in particular the new polymer materials continue to emerge.

三、Intelligent packaging materials

Some traditional forms of packaging has been difficult to adapt to changing market and increasingly complex environmental requirements of circulation.People through innovative thinking, adding more new technology components in the packaging , so that it has both common basic functions of packaging and some special properties. The special properties of these packages just to meet the special requirements of goods and special environmental conditions. Due to great market potential,intelligent packaging materials research and development and application of food packaging is the development of new trends. Food packaging with intelligent will contain more complex ,remote-readable non-visual information. Security tags and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are the first examples of electronic tags that can be used as time-temperature, leakage or freshness indicators in addition to product identification information, production dates, prices, and so on.

四、Packaging of the novelty, diversity and multi-functional

Increased competition to similar products in the gradual reduction ,the differences in the use of the brand value of the homogeneity gradually  increased, the product sales to rely on the terminal furnishings growing. Observe the food packaging market, most of the food packaging to stay in cost control, a typical reflection is the shrink film packaging is widely used. When the market competition go to a higher level,the product packaging diversification naturally will become a topic of great concern to the industry. The diversity market demand for product innovation opportunities: not only expand the series of packaging machines, but also make the function of the machine diversification. Shrink film packaging to achieve the concept of diversification is not just a simple plastic film packaging containers, but in the use of shrink film technology, based on the technical extension to focus on other effects, such as: product visual effects enhance.Enabling environmental protection, cost savings, to meet the needs of retail sales, to meet consumer psychology and other aspects. In the packaging materials, but also showed a significant diversity, richness characteristics, which is concentrated in the material types of raw materials, morphology, texture and texture of the combination between the contrast. Some designers also creative use of deformation, hollow, combination and other processing methods to enrich the appearance of materials, to give a new image of the material, emphasizing the aesthetic value of material design. Food packaging to diversify, multi-function to meet the different levels of modern consumer demand; food packaging on the ecological and resource consumption should be reduced to a minimum negative impact; expand food packaging, packaging waste to reduce environmental pollution; food manufacturers rise expand product sales, and vigorously develop and improve food packaging;pay more attention to good perfermence, functionality and environmental integration; which is also the new trend of food packaging.

五、High efficiency &Automatic packaging equipment

Technology has always been progress, a variety of new packaging equipments is large-scale, fast, convenient, efficient and automatic fully.A new type of packaging machinery, which was leading packaging machinery to the integrated, efficient, intelligent and other direction. At present, automation technology accounts for more than 50% in the packaging production line, extensive use of computer design and mechatronics control, improve productivity, flexibility and flexibility of equipment,  more robots to complete the complex packaging action.

In near future, industrial robots, microelectronics, computers, intelligent and image sensing technology will also be more and more widely used to promote the automation of packaging machinery. In such packaging machinery, the computer as its brain, replacing the conventional control system. Various instruments, meters, and sensors sense the changes in packaging parameters and feed back to the brain (the computer) to command the actuator to perform the actions necessary for the packaging operation. To make the packaging machinery has good flexibility and flexibility to improve the degree of automation, to be a large number of microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination.


Packaging material must effectively solve the environmental problems, achieve the coordinated development of packaging,which in line with the world trend of environmental protection.

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