| Foxconn considering full automatic robots if move to US
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Foxconn considering full automatic robots if move to US

    Recently reported that Foxconn to go to the US cover plant, Guo Taiming said that mainly include “capital-intensive, skilled workers and high-tech investment.” Prior Trump announced the return of manufacturing to United States, some companies had to start with Trump investment in the United States. Including Samsung, Apple, Softbank are in a positive response, and Foxconn have to compromise, because after all, involves a lot of business, They may have reached a certain form of agreement,The main goal of Trumpe’s 100-day-long,is to bring jobs back to the United States.

Reconstruction of manufacturing, the United States has no way to find a better way. It is useless even if part of the manufacturing industry moved back to the United States. First, American college students, same like college graduates all over the world, are reluctant to go to factories to produce shoes, clothes or toys. Second, the US wage level has no advantage over labor-intensive industries such as manufacturing. US workers pay $ 30,000 a year, and $ 4,000 in China, the capitalists can not be so stupid, an iphone processing fee was originally $ 4, now $ 30. In fact, this is Foxconn worry about things, want to engage in manufacturing in the United States is indeed facing some obstacles, the most important thing is the operating costs.

United States production is not so simple. If you want to assemble in the United States, iPhone costs will increase by $ 30-40 (about 13% -17% more than the original cost). If Trump not only to assemble, but to move the entire supply chain to the United States, the total cost will surge to 60-80 dollars (about 26% -35% increase), the price will rise sharply. When we think the United States Silicon Valley tall, particularly good quality personnel, particularly high academic qualifications, people are particularly handsome. American productivity, should be better than others? At least Jobs does not think so. But the truth is that even if Apple is willing to earn less, American consumers are willing to pay a little more, Americans can use the US system of the iPhone? Even if the US government really trained enough engineers, but the Americans may not have Chinese Of the fight.

So Foxconn considers the robot, do not move so many people, and the United States Trump hopes to increase the employment rate, which is a bit embarrassing. Over the past few decades, the US manufacturing industry has been the phenomenon of labor shortage, which means that in the United States may face recruitment difficulties In the future, Foxconn may be through automation to solve this problem, after all, they are experienced in the manufacture of industrial robots.

Foxconn to the United States, will be a lot of use of robot production. But if the iPhone really want to produce in the United States, Foxconn is likely to cost and production efficiency, and more aggressive introduction of the robot, to further reduce the demand for labor. Well, the Americans are only happy to use the “Chinese robot production, the United States local assembly” of the iPhone only.

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