| How To Change The Pump Oil In Vacuum Packaging Machine?
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How To Change The Pump Oil In Vacuum Packaging Machine?

vacuum machine pump

Before the oil change, the pump should be running for 15-30 minutes, stop after the oil temperature rises, open the oil plug, empty the oil, and then tighten the oil plug ,keep oil to the new pump at specified height.If there is heavy pollution, then pour new oil to re-operation, so that the pump clean enough. The solenoid valve should be cleaned for every three to six months of continuous operation.

Steps as follow:

A, remove the solenoid valve.

B, open the solenoid valve, the valve seat, body, core and spring ,put into the 90 # gasoline for cleaning.

C, dry the gasoline on the parts, the installate according to the order (before the installation of iron should be coated with a small amount of lubricating oil).

D, power test, if the valve has a strong vibration or strange sound,should re-remove the valve body, turn a certain angle and then re-installed,test again until no noise.

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