| New Korean cigarettes regulations
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New Korean cigarettes regulations


Korean cigarettes will be available in the “horror” box in January next year

Harmful smoking warning signs printed with the standard package of cigarettes from December 23. Taking into flowing time, expecting the new cigarette case will be officially available by the end of January next year.

In order to enhance the publicity effect, Yeouido, Gangnam Station, six retail stores in Seoul City, will sell from 23 new packaging cigarettes.

Reported that, in order to prevent the tobacco trader block the warning picture, the South Korean government plans to be protected during the year legislation. It is reported that the contents of the warning picture, including lesions of the lung, perforated throat, rotten teeth, visual effects startling. At the end of last year, the Government ordered the tobacco traders to print more eye-catching warnings and pictures on both sides of the pack to remind people of the harmful effects of smoking.In addition, the warning picture must cover more than one-third of the area on each side of the packet and the tobacco manufacture must change the picture every 18 months.

At present, the Ministry of Health and Welfare is doing the final inspection. Tconsidering the unexpected problem, Health and Welfare Department plans to real-time monitoring of market trends, strengthen the administrative guidance.

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