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New Stick Packaging Machine

New Stick Packaging Machine

2020 is a special year due to 2019-nCoV in whole the world. All people must stay home and do not allow to go a party with many people at the first of 2020. So all work will be processed slowly. But from March,2020,Machine industry is so so busy in China. 95% machine suppliers do not accept the new orders due to full order arrangement. Especially the cosmetic stick sachet packaging machine is very very hot in china. People have money, but they can not buy their machine. They paid 100% for their machine to wait in line. And maybe they can not get the machine on time because machines’parts can not be made on time. First Come, First Served. This situation has been continued to now. Those are the most popular machine at present. It is night mask cream stick packing machine. Our(Jiade users are using 5lanes and single lanes stick packing machine to produce their product. The machine’s speed is 40-50pcs per minute pe lane, production time:10working days(5lanes).The pictures are as follow:

high speed packaging machine for cream sachet.

this is a single line machine for stick packing.

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