| 10 heads automatic weighter packaging machine
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10 heads automatic weighter packaging machine

About This Project

JD-10T  10Heads Weighter Packaging Machine

Jiade 10heads weighter packaging machine mostly used for foodstuff such as beef jerky packaging,dry fruits packaging,nuts packaging,candy packaging,etc.


  • Model : JD-T10
  • Machine Speed(bags/min) : 10-50
  • Range to Fill : 10-800g;800-1500g
  • Bag  Material : OPP/CPP,PET/CPP,PET/AL/PE,PE/Paper
  • Voltage Power : AC220V Single-phase 60HZ/50HZ   5kw
  • N.W : 900KG
  • Control System : ORMON PLC control
  • Touch Screen : English &Chinese (can add other language)
  • Filling Way : 10head weighter
  • Machine material : SUS304
Product Name

Automatic 10Heads Weighter Packaging Machine

Bag Type

Pillow Bag,Pillow Bag with Hole,Pillow bag with Foded Corner

Max Bag Size