| 6 Channel Facial Mask Packaging Machine
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6 Channel Facial Mask Packaging Machine

Facial Mask Machine With Inkjet Print System facial mask machine

About This Project

6 Channel Facial Mask Filling, Sealing, Packaging Machine For Sale


  • 1. All Bags feeding, Filling, Sealing, Printing/Coding, Outputing automatically. No bag, no filling, no bag, no sealing.
  • 2. All parts exposed to material are made of stainless steel 316, strictly compliant with GMP standard.
  • 3. Filling system are chosen in accordance with different materials, standard component is electronic gear pump.
  • 4. PLC and HMI operation system. Parameters set up easily on the screen, production information and warning message displayed directly.
  • 5. Eletrical and pneumatic components are selected in international well-known brands.


ModelCoding and PrintingEye Mask Model
WorkflowAutomatically Extracting, Filling, Sealing, Coding/PrintingAutomatically Extracting, Filling, Sealing, Coding/Printing
Channels6 Channels6 Channels
Mask Bag SizeW: 95mm-160mm, L: 120mm-220mm(W80-145mm for eye mask)W: 80mm-145mm, L: 110mm-200mm(W80-145mm for eye mask)
Filling MethodGear PumpsGear Pumps
Filling Error Margin﹤0.2g﹤0.2g
Power380V, 3PH, 7.5KW380V, 3PH, 7.5KW
Barometric Pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
DimensionL2250mm*W1050mm*H1720mm(Not Including Climbing Conveyor)L2250mm*W1050mm*H1720mm(Not Including Climbing Conveyor)
Irregular-Shapped BagAvailableAvailable

Configuration Table:

DescriptionVacuum ValvePLCFilling MethoAir CylinderHMI
Product Name

6 Channel Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine

Suitable Bags

All kinds of bag shape



Liquid/Cream, Others