| 6 lanes granule packing machine
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6 lanes granule packing machine

6lanes high speed granule packing machine

About This Project

Automatic 6Lanes Granule Packaging Machine

  • Bigger and longer type holding arms to put big diameter film roll
  • Multi sachet types
  • Foil roller to moveable type to use longer time
  • New coupling type to avoid always broken
  • Fabricate sachet holding bracket to avoid sachet perforation cutting slanted
  • Additional box cover wire and electric parts to avoid powder dropping into motor and electric parts
  • The machine is with compressed air receivable tank, to install inside motor area, and it is with sensor signal for the air pressure. When the pressure is not enough, the machine have a warning and stop automatically after a few seconds.
  • Vital Feature: To make both stick and 3-side sealing sachet by the same machine. No need to change any parts if the sachet width is the same. If the sachet width (stick and 3-side sealing sachet width) are different, only change the bag former. The cutter is 90 degree angle rotary cutter, you only change the cutter’s direction. The cutter’s photos are for your reference as follow
  • Easy to opertae,if one lane broken,other lanes can still work normally
Product Name

Automatic 6Lanes Granule Packaging Machine

Suitable For

All small granule matrials such as sugar,salt,etc