| Automatic Small Packet Counting and Packing Machine For Food, Bolt, Nails
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hardwares screw packing machine

About This Project

Automatic Bolt Small Packet Counting and Packing Machine

This machine can be used to pack foods, electric parts and small hardware and irregular products such as nails, bolts, screw and electric component.


  1. This machine adopts advance PLC and photoelectric system and Chinese & English operation screen.It can automatically count quantity,make bag,fill,seal,measure and code date ect.
  2. This machine is combined packing machine(two parts and two basic function).One is filling parts(counting) with 1-12 vibrating bowls,you can only use one,two ,three… Separately or all vibrating bowls are used together. Another part is able to finish packing screw.
  3. Set bag length and quantity on screen directly.

Technical Advantage:

  1. Selfdignosis function,Without filling, no sealing;without filling,the machine will stop automatically,it eliminates waste packing material and decreases defective products.
  2. Adopt photoelectricity system to keep the pattern of sachet complete.
  3. Counting Part adopts high accuracy opto-electrical induction.Because the machine exists inertia when it work normally, quantities has more or less in counting process.And now we add a set of device with re-testing and counting function in our new machine(re-updating basis).It make the rate of finished products to reach above 95%-98%.
  4. Adopt to advanced control technology, be able to meet your number without changing or adjusting.
  5. One machine can be instead of more than 10 persons’ work.
  6. Importing PLC control system can make machine’s working more excellent&stable and less fault &longer life and it work 24 hours continuously.
  7. The track of one vibrating bowls is only suitable for one kind of shape hardware.It can be designed as the product.

Suitable for small hardware,irregular shaped item,etc.