| Facial Mask Folding Machine
This facial mask folding machine is available for 1/2 folded,1/3folded,1/4folded,folding speed upto 2500pcs/hour.
Facial Mask Folding Machine,Mask Folding Machine
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Facial Mask Folding Machine

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About This Project

3 Steps Facial Mask Folding Machine

Automatic high speed facial mask folding machine for sale from China supplier, with function of automatic pick up mask sheet, when there is no sheet it will stop to work, save labor cost and increase the working efficiency, the average production efficiency up to 2500 pieces per hour.


WorkflowFilm Laid by Hands, Automatic Film Folding, Automatic Bag Feeding, Out
Folding MethodsFolded in 1/2; Folded in 1/3; Folded in 1/4
Film Layer1-3 Layer
Mask Bag Size(Fold in 1/3)W:120mm-165mm, L:110mm-220mm; (Fold in 1/4)W:95mm-165mm, L:110mm-220mm
Production Efficiency2500 Pcs/Hour
Power380V, 3PH, 60Hz(50Hz), 1.5KW
Barometric Pressure0.6Mpa

Configuration Table:

DescriptionVacuum ValvePLCTransmissionAir CylinderTouch Screen
BrandSMCPanasonnicMitsubishi InverterAIRTACWEINVIEW
Product Name

Facial Mask Folding Machine

Folding Type

1/2 folded,1/3 folded,1/4 folded

Folding Speed