| Hair Colour Pouch Packing Machine
Automatic packaging for hair colour with two kinds of materials,also used in other products such as hair-dye shampoo,sauce combination,spice combination,etc.
Hair Colour Packing Machine
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Hair Dye Shampoo Packaging Machine

About This Project

Automatic Multi Liquid/Hair Colour Packaging Machine

Function:Automatic measuring,filling,making bag,sealing,cutting off,date printing(optional).

This hair colour packaging machine is perfect convient packaging for hair colour maily which has two kinds of materials,also can be used in other products such as hair-dye shampoo,sauce combination,spice combination,hair colour,etc.


  • Model : JD-YS150
  • Bag Size Range : L(30-180)mm/1.18″-7.08″   W(70-120)mm/2.76″/4.72″
  • Range of measurement : (1-65)ml*2/0.035oz-2.275oz*2
  • Capacity(bags/ minute ) : 20-50
  • Bag Type : 4sided sealing
  • Voltage Power : 220V / 50-60HZ    1.3KW
  • N.W : 380KG
  • Driven Type:Pheumatic+Electric
  • Air Consumption : 0.4m³/min,Air compressor: 0.6- 0.8Mpa
  • Machine Dimension(L*W*H) : 1400*1200*1920mm/55.12″*47.24″*75.59″
Product Name

Automatic Hair Colour Pouch Packing Machine

Max Bag Size

4Sided Pouch (W×L):120mm*180mm/4.72"*7.09"

Packaging Material

Laminated film such as PE+PET,PE+NYLON+PET,PE+AL+PET,etc

Suitable For

Multi liquid /cream materilas,such as color cream +developer,shampoo+hair care,etc.