| Automatic Sugar/Peanut/Rice/Cereal Pouch Packing Machine
Filling type is measure-cup,quicker speed and low cost,suitable for small granules such as sugar,salt,pea,etc.
automatic pouch packing machine,automatic sugar packing machine,packing peanuts machine,rice packing machine,cereal packing machine
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sugar bag packing machine sugar bag peanut bag

About This Project

Automatic Sugar/Peanut/Rice/Cereal Pouch Packing Machine


  1. Automaticly:measuring-making bag-date printing(Optional function)-filling-gas(Optional function)-sealing-output counting.
  2. PLC control system,high colour sensor,maximize accuracy, reliability and intelligence level.
  3. Self-dignosis function,easier to operate and maintain.
  4. All material are SS304,in line with international food and pharmacy standard.

Other Optional Functions:

  • Date printer,1-3lines letters.
  • Gas filling.
  • Euro hole or butterfly hole
  • V-type tear
  • Corner folded standing bag
Suitable Product

Small Granules