| Automatic Powder Stick Packaging Machine
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Automatic Powder Stick Packaging Machine

powder sticks packing machine

About This Project

Automatic Powder Stick Packaging Machine

JD-BF100 is powder stick packaging machine,designed for all kind of good liquidity powders such as coffee powder,tea powder,etc.

Function:Automatic measuring,stick forming,filling,sealing,cutting off,output counting,date printer(ooptional)


  • Model : JD-BF100
  • Bag Size : L(40-160)mm/1.57″-6.3″   W(40-100)mm/1.57″-3.94″
  • Range of Measurement : 10-100ml/0.35-3.5oz
  • Capacity(sticks/ minute ) : 30-50
  • Bag Type : sticks  \ center sealing
  • Voltage Power : 220V / 50-60HZ     380V/50HZ   1.1kw
  • Machine Dimension(L*W*H) : 625*750*1650/24.6″*29.53″*64.96″
Product Name

this powder stick packaging machine is used for all kinds of good liquidity of powder materials such as coffee powder,etc.

Max Stick Length


Packaging Material

PE + paper +pet/ PE + PET/ AL Foil / PE + Nylon + PET / Filter paper ect.