| Triangle Nylon Teabag
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Triangle Nylon Teabag

triangle teabag packing machine

About This Project

Automatic Triangle Nylon Teabag Packaging Machine

This triangle nylon or non-woven fabric teabag packaging machine can pack flower tea, green tea, black tea, broken tea, rose and so on, manufactured with high quality for wholesale purpose with cheap price from China Jiade packaging machine factory.


  • Model : JD-NP
  • Speed : 30-50bags/minute
  • Weight Range : 1-2ml/0.035-0.07OZ ;2-4ml/0.07-0.14OZ;2.5-10ml/0.0875-0.35OZ;10-20ml/0.35-0.7OZ;20-40ml/0.7-1.36OZ;25-50ml/0.875-1.75OZ
  • Weighting  Mold : Volume Cups Filler
  • Tea Material : Tea length≤3cm,assumes the platy, otherwise the weighing precision will drop.
  • Bag Paper : Pure Nylon or non-woven fabric
  • Roll Quantity : 1
  • Rolled Paper Core Inside Diameter : Φ76mm
  • Rolled Outer Diameter : ≤Φ400mm
  • Seal Cutting : ultrasound
  • Seal Cutting Equipment : 2 sets
  • Standard Electric Appliance Configure : Pneumatic element, button, exchange contact device
  • Source Pressure : ≥0.6Mpa
  • Motor Power : Approximately 1.6kw AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ
  • Operate Person : 1
  • N.W : 600KG
  • Machine Size : L700*W800*H1800(mm)/27.56″*31.5″*188.98″
Product Name

Automatic Triangle Nylon Teabag Packaging Machine

Sealing Type


Bag Type

Triangle Teabag

Suitable Product

Flower tea,green tea,black tea,etc.