| V Type Blender Mixer
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V Mixing blender drawing

About This Project

V Type Blender

This blender can be used for uniform mixing of dry powdery or granular materials and does not produce dissolved or deteriorated material during the mixing process. The mixer is more reasonable than the average mixer design, mixing efficiency is high, simpler operation. Mixing tube structure is unique, mixed with high efficiency, no dead ends, the cylinder made of stainless steel, inside and outside the wall polishing, beautiful appearance, mixed evenly, widely used, quirements supporting forced agitator, to fit the finer powder, moisture material.

  • Pharmacy:capusle,herbs,fodder,etc
  • Foodstuff:spices,food aaditives,sugar products,oats,etc
  • Chemical:granule mineral,kinds of powder

Work Principle:

V-shaped barrel is composed of two cylinders into V-shaped welded containers, the shape of the container relative to the axis is asymmetric. Due to the rotary motion, the powder particles in the inclined cylinder, continuous repeated alternately, split, merge; material randomly from the V-shaped area to another area, while the particles between the particles to slip, the space multiple stack , The particles are distributed on the newly generated surface, so that repeated shear, diffusion movement, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing.



Accessories, Granule, Powder