| Liquid/Cream Packaging Machine
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Automatic Liquid/Cream Packaging Machine

Jiade series of liquid packaging machine is a kind of creative and innovative product.It features the more simple and reasonable structure.high precision,more convient operation.And such cream/liquid packaging machine can also applied in many areas like pharmaceutical,cosmetic,food,and special industries.

Machine materials are used 304 stainless steel,in line with GMP requirements.Filling volume and speed of filling can be arbitrrary regulation and high accuracy.

For high vicosity fluid and paste,Jiade paste liquid packaging mahcine is the best choice!


  • Automatic making bag , weighting, filling , sealing ,cutting off,printing date and batching number,output counting is available.
  • Very steady machine,viscous product or heating paste material is available.
  • High sentitive fiber optic senor can automatically trace color mark accurately.
  • Embossing code is available.
  • Good performance, low noise,strong sealing without leak.
  • All contact material is SS304,no any contaminated material,in line with international food and drug standard.

JD-Y100Z Liquid Sachet Packaging Machine

JD-BY100 Liquid Stick Packaging Machine