| Granule Packaging Machine
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Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

Jiade granule packaging machines are well know for its Form,Fill,Seal system.

We have small single serving granule packaging machine can meet your small production demands with high quality,make for a versatile,economical and popular bag style.Except sticks & small pillow bag, For 4side seal pouch and 3side seal pouch,both styles can be made by same one machine with different seal part which is on perfect working status.

Besides,we have bigger machines for quantity bag,such as rice packaging,dry fruits packaging which based on PLC control system,multi weighter,customer area including machines of sugar packaging,coffee bean packaging,seeds packaging,nuts packaging,etc.

Choose high quality granule packaging machine,choose Jiade!

sachet packaging machine

JD-K100Z Sided Sachet Packaging Machine

granule st8ick packing machine

JD-BK100 Stick Packaging Machine

JD-420K Granule Bag Packaging Machine

2heads weighter fillier

JD-T2  2Heads Filling

This 4heads filling machine used for granular itemn with weighting and filling

JD-T4  4Heads Filling

automatic 10heads weighting &filling machines

JD-T10  10Heads Weighter