| High Speed Packaging Machine
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Multi-lane High Speed Packaging Machine

Multi-Lane fulfill the desire of today’s consumer.From tea powder to sugar &paste.Jiade’s high speed packaging machines can quickly and reliably package them well.


Jiade offers high speed packaging machinery for all levels of production demand,max up to 720pcs per min!


With available options like tear notches,round corner,various seal patterns and shapes,date printing and more,a muliti lane high speed packaging machine can meet all.Our multi lane packaging machine are a great solution for high speed packaging.


Need high production with competitive price?Choose Jiade multi lane high speed packaging machines!

sided muliti lane packing machine

 Sided Sealing Granule Packaging

The muliti lane sided sealing  packing machine is an ideal solution for paste,small granule materials,wide by up to…

high speed sticks packaging machine

Multi lane Granule Stick Packaging

Stick pack machine offers muliti lane packaging for all types of material.Widely used in sugar,coffee,tea,etc.Stick to your budget from here…

high speed powder sticks packaging machine

Multi Lane Powder Stick Packaging

The muliti lane  packing machine is a good choice for powder sticks packaging such as tea powder stick,coffee powder stick…

mouth wash sticks packing machine

Multi Lane Liquid Stick Packaging

The multi lane stick  packaging machine is a good choice for stick paste,honey stick,biggest width up to 680mm/26.77″…

This  multi lane liquid packing machine suitable for all kinds of liquid materials such as paste,honey,etc.

Sided Sealing Liquid Packaging

Sided sealing liquid packaging machine widely used in foodstuff and nonfood industry,such as paste,shampoo,cream,etc.