| Multi Products Packaging Machine
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Multi Products Packaging Machine

Jiade multi products packaging machine is widely fexible for various products,better to meet customer needs such as instant noodles seasoning,high precision for each material,you can also adjust weight of each material freely.

Except common hair colour packaging ,spices season packing,Jiade multi products series packaging machine available your any other materials requirement,including liquid+liquid,liquid+granule,granule+granule,powder+granule etc.


  • Automatic making bag , weighting, filling , sealing ,cutting off,printing date and batching number,output counting is available.
  • Interlayer is available.
  • High sentitive fiber optic senor can automatically trace color mark accurately.
  • According to customer’s requirement to build,such as granule+granule,powder+powder+liquid,liquid +liquid,etc
  • All contact material is SS304,no any contaminated material,in line with international food and drug standard.
  • Easy cleasing ,intuitive operation and maintenance

JD-H100Z Multi Granule Materials Automatic Packaging Machine

JD-YS150 Double Materials Hair Colour Packaging Machine