| Powder Packaging Machine
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Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

Jiade automatic powder packaging machines are developed new generation packaging machines based on vertical screw filling system which are easy to operate and steady.also with characteristics of fast packing,high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability,widely used in all kinds of good fluidity powder materials.

We offer 0.3-5000g powder packaging,including powder stick packaging machine,powder sachet packaging machine,powder pouch packaging &semi-powder filling machines.


  • Automatic series machines can making bag , weighting, filling , sealing ,cutting off,printing date and batching number,output counting is available.
  • Screw filling,can adjust weight directly in the panel.
  • High sentitive fiber optic senor can automatically trace color mark accurately.
  • The smallest weight can be 0.3g.
  • Good performance, Low noise, and longer life time.
  • All contact material is SS304,no any contaminated material,in line with international food and drug standard.

JD-BF100 Automatic Powder Stick Packaging Machine

JD-F100Z Automatic Powder Sided Sealing Packaging Machine

JD-420F Automatic Powder Bag Packaging Machine

JD-F300 Powder Filling Machine

powder filler

JD-F2000 Semi Powder Filler


JD-F500 Conveyor Powder Filling