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Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

Tea,as the most consumed drink in the world after water.As people know,it can reduce atherosclerosis and risk of heart disease;Lower blood pressure;Reduce cholesterol levers;Reduce inflammation in arthritis cases;Improve bone density……

Since more and more tea or tea products are needed,we have to consider what packaging is a convient and favourite way?

Here,Jiade teabag packaging machines offer you a good choice!

Main Features for Our Teabag Packaging Machine:

  •  Ultrasound for triangle sealing, make the tea bag beautiful.
  • Can make the teabag with tag.
  • High sentitive fiber optic senor can automatically trace color mark accurately.
  • Slip volume measurement can change the infilling easily.
  • According  to customer’s tea to choose electronic scale or cup filler.
  • Pneumatic Components adopt Japan PLC, Electric components adopt Omron Brand.
  • PLC controller, color full touch-screen system, both are international famous brand, make the performance more stable, easy to operate, more humanity.

JD-T50 Inner and Outter Teabag

Automatic making inner filter bag with envelope teabag,Or inner filter bag+outter bag with laminated material such as PE/PET,PE+AL+PET,etc.

JD-NT Packaging for Triangle Teabag

Ultrasound sealing, make beautiful apperance teabag,capacity can reach 4.5kg/hour as 2grams/bag.108kg/day as 24 hours,suitable for flower tea,green tea,black tea,broken tea,rose and so on…