| Robot manufacturers set up alliances to promote robot research and development
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Robot manufacturers set up alliances to promote robot research and development

1China Aim to Produce More Than One-Third of The World’s Industrial Robots.

China’s top robot manufacturers have organized an alliance to promote the research and development of high-end industrial robots and service robots. Robot manufacturer Shenyang Sinsun Automation Co., Ltd. led the new robot organized. Top 10 robotics companies will build high-end brands rather than compete by pushing together the research and development of key components for robots. The new consortium includes companies such as Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co. Ltd. (a CNC equipment supplier in Guangzhou) and GSK, which also includes start-ups such as Nunebo, a short-distance personal electric vehicle manufacturer in Tianjin.


The Alliance of Robot Manufacturers will also regularly seek help from some of the leading universities on large data and artificial intelligence related technologies. These technologies have become an indispensable part of service-oriented robots. The Chinese government is hoping that by 2018 China will be able to produce more than one-third of the world’s industrial robots.

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