| Three Simple Ways to Eliminate Air Filter Failure
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Three Simple Ways to Eliminate Air Filter Failure

Now, most of the packaging machinery driven type are electric + pneumatic, so often use air compressor, as well as air filter machine. Filter of a specification,generally used in places where air quality is high, such as: clean rooms, clean labs, and so on. Efficient air filter is running at all times, running a long time there will be some minor failures, usually pay more attention to the maintenance of multi-air filter, so as to reduce the frequency of air filter failure in order to extend the life of the machine.Three simple way as follow:
Observe method: Normally, if the air filter is burned out as work for a long time, it can be seen adirectly. The color of the burned electronic component will change, and have some irritation odor.
Percussion pressure method: if work for a long time, situation is good or failure sometimes. This is mainly due to the internal parts of the solder joints caused by poor contact. For those who often fail the site, you can use the percussion method to gently tapping the test, if the machine have problem after a knock. Hand pressure method is to hand the position of those parts connected by hand pressure, let it connect more closely, and then see whether to solve the problem.
Local temperature method: high temperature in the summer, and the machine for a long time running temperature, double high temperature will cause the machine failure, but when you put the machine off for a while until it dropped, the machine can run normally. The cause of this failure is that some of the components inside can not run at high temperatures. The detection of this failure is the local warming of those components, need to change a new one.

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