| UNI-P’s Filter Hanging Coffee
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UNI-P’s Filter Hanging Coffee

With the increase in consumption levels, coffee drinks become more and more popular. the UNI-P is lauching another coffee drinks – filter hanging coffee.


Most imported brands, filter-linked coffee is popular in the international market

What is the filter hanging coffee?It is fresh roasted gringing coffee beans,which was put into the sachet. Drinking with hot, hot water infiltration of coffee powder extract its essence and oil, the final liquid coffee leaking from the sachet.

The filter-hanging coffee market capacity is far less than instant coffee. However, due to the production process and packaging characteristics of the filter-hanging coffee, it effectively preserves the fresh and rich aroma of the coffee while keeping the coffee lovers away from the utensils and the complicated cooking process, making the fresh coffee readily available. Such products in foreign countries won the young people and the workplace favorite.

At present, the domestic filter hanging coffee is still in the embryonic and nurturing stage ,most are imported brands, domestic brands is relatively small, but it has been welcomed by many coffee lovers.


Last year, the reunification has launched Laoduo drink coffee, positioning in the high-end instant coffee, this will continue to launch Langduo brand “Langduo filter hanging coffee”, mainly for the coffee lovers.


Products from 100% grinding coffee beans, which was picked the fine beans by hand ,.therefore, the UNI-P play “good beans to achieve good coffee” slogan.

The most noteworthy is the product packaging. UNI-P Langduo filter hanging coffee design with the shape of the book, open the title page, above there is a section on the coffee brand introduction, the overall shape is poetic.


Market potential, into the most popular category that is outside the instant coffee
China’s coffee market in recent years has maintained a high rate of growth. According to the UK coffee market report released earlier, 2011-2016, the Chinese coffee market compound annual growth rate of 13.5%, and with the consumption upgrade and the popularity of drinking coffee, is expected within the next five years, China’s coffee market Will continue to maintain a high growth rate, the annual compound growth rate will remain at about 8.3%.

In addition, the report also made special mention, in addition to instant coffee, noteworthy category also filter hanging coffee, although the filter hanging coffee in China market share is not large, but it is convenient same as instant coffee, and the flavor of fresh coffee, the price is relatively modest, similar tea packages, more likely to cultivate consumer spending habits, is a more potential than the capsule coffee.

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